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Why 'Try & Hire'?

In today’s business landscape, where data and AI are pivotal, securing the right talent is more important than ever. Our ‘Try & Hire’ program presents a distinctive solution – offering you access to highly skilled female data professionals who are well-versed in ethical AI practices. This innovative approach allows you to evaluate their expertise through actual project involvement, enabling a risk-free decision-making process for potential hiring.

Our Mission

At Ethical Data Queens, our mission extends beyond just training data professionals. We’re dedicated to empowering immigrant women in Germany by equipping them with advanced data and AI skills. Our aim is to cultivate a community of ethically conscious, proficient women poised to make significant contributions in the tech industry.

How 'Try & Hire' Works:

In-Depth Understanding:

  • Initial Workshop: Kick off with a complimentary, in-depth consultation workshop (e.g., a 2-hour requirements clarification session) to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project’s specific needs.
  • Documentation and Agreement: Following the workshop, we’ll document the discussed details and formalize them into a project agreement for sign-off. This step ensures alignment and clarity on both sides.

Tailored Planning:

  • Customized Scope Definition: We will collaborate with you to define a tailored project scope. This includes outlining the timeline, allocating appropriate resources, setting the budget, and agreeing on expected deliverables.

Strategic Roadmap: Develop a strategic roadmap to guide the project, ensuring all parties are aligned with the milestones, objectives, and expected outcomes.

Customized Team Composition:

  • Background & Expertise Matching: We carefully select team members based on their background and domain expertise, ensuring a perfect match for your project’s specific requirements. Our data professionals are not only technically proficient but also bring diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the table.
  • Expertise Level Assessment: We consider the level of expertise required for your project, whether it involves fundamental data analysis or advanced AI implementations, to ensure the team has the right mix of junior and senior professionals.
  • Soft Skills Evaluation: Recognizing the importance of communication and teamwork, we assess and select team members with strong soft skills, ensuring seamless collaboration and problem-solving abilities.
  • Language Proficiency: We match team members based on language requirements, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the project.

Project Management Team Assignment:

  • Dedicated Project Coach and Managers: Your main contacts will be our skilled project coach and project managers, who will oversee the project’s progress, manage roles and responsibilities, and ensure deadlines and deliverables are met.

Agile Methodology: Our preference for agile project management methods ensures adaptability and regular interaction, with structured intervals for review and feedback throughout the project lifecycle.

Agile Collaboration Framework:

  • Iterative Process: We employ an agile methodology, enabling flexibility and rapid response to changes. This iterative process allows for continuous improvement and adaptation throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Regular Check-ins and Sprint Reviews: Regular meetings and sprint reviews are scheduled to ensure alignment with your project goals and to provide timely updates on progress. This includes bi-weekly sprints, sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and sprint retrospectives to foster transparency and prompt feedback.

Pilot Project Execution:

  • Hands-On Assessment: Engage with our team on a pilot project that acts as a tangible demonstration of our skills and the quality of work we can deliver. This approach provides a practical, real-world evaluation of our team’s capabilities.
  • Milestone-Based Deliveries: The project is divided into key milestones, with each delivering a tangible output. This modular approach allows you to assess progress and quality at each stage, ensuring that the project is on track and meeting expectations.
  • Feedback Loops: We establish feedback loops at every milestone to gather your input and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures that the project remains aligned with your needs and expectations.

Quality Assurance and Ethical Compliance:

  • Rigorous Testing: Each phase of the project undergoes thorough testing to ensure the highest quality of output. This includes both functional testing and ethical compliance checks to ensure that the solutions align with ethical AI standards.

Documentation and Reporting: Comprehensive documentation and reports are provided at each stage, offering a clear view of the project’s progress and adherence to the agreed-upon objectives.

Impact Assessment:

  • Review and Reflect: At the end of the project, conduct a thorough review of the results and assess the overall impact.
  • Valuable Feedback: We prioritize your detailed feedback as a key component of our continuous improvement approach. Your insights are crucial for enhancing our service quality and training programs.

Systematic Closure:

  • Concluding the Project: Following the assessment, we’ll engage in a systematic closure process. This includes any necessary wrap-up activities, documentation, and final evaluations.
  • Option for Termination or Extension: Based on the project outcome and your needs, you can decide to either terminate the cooperation or explore options for extending it. This could involve continuing with the same team, scaling up the engagement, or initiating new projects.

Hiring Opportunity:

  • Consideration for Employment: If our team’s performance aligns with your expectations and organizational culture, you have the opportunity to extend employment offers to the professionals involved in your project.

Onboarding Support: In cases of successful hires, we provide additional coaching and consulting support to ensure a smooth transition into your team. This support includes orientation to your company culture, processes, and ongoing professional development, aligning with your specific requirements and ensuring the new hires integrate seamlessly into your work environment.

Why Choose Us

Risk-Free Testing

Experience our team's capabilities without the obligations of a long-term contract.

Diverse Skills and Perspectives

Our team's varied backgrounds foster innovative solutions and holistic problem-solving.

Ethical Approach

We place a high priority on ethical considerations in all our AI and data projects, ensuring compliance and social responsibility.

Supporting Gender Diversity

Partnering with us contributes to narrowing the gender gap in the tech sector and promoting diversity.

Our Services

Data Audits
Data Analysis

Extract valuable insights from your data with our expert analysis.

Innovate with Confidence
Data Engineering

Develop resilient, scalable data infrastructures designed for longevity.

AI Business Solutions

Customize solutions from machine learning to predictive analytics, tailored to your business needs.

Innovate with Confidence
AI Ethics Consulting

Assure that your AI practices are ethically responsible and socially considerate.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We offer extensive training in data and AI ethics, ensuring our professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices.


Starter Package

Kickstart Your Data & AI Journey
for 80 hours
  • Foundational Knowledge
  • Effective Strategy
  • Hands-on Experience

Scaler Package

Scale Your Data & AI Capabilities
for 4 weeks
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Strategic Refinement
  • Hands-on Advanced Tools

Innovator Package

Lead the Future with Data & AI
for 3 Months
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions
  • Cultural Shift
  • Trailblazing Strategy

Our Achievements

Offering training sponsorship to aspiring female data professionals through Ethical Data Queens is a simple and rewarding process:

IEEE Partnership for AI Ethics

We’re honored to collaborate with IEEE in developing AI Ethics certification training. This partnership combines our expertise with IEEE’s leadership in AI standards and ethical guidelines, enhancing the impact and recognition of our efforts.

Women AI Academy

A transformative initiative, the Women AI Academy focuses on reskilling immigrant women for critical data roles like Data Analytics, Engineering, and Science. Certified by the German Employment Agency (AZAV), our program embodies our commitment to quality and diversity in tech.

AI Supported “Liketohear” Project with Fraunhofer IDMT

In collaboration with Fraunhofer IDMT, we contributed to the “liketohear” project, enhancing auditory experiences through tailored solutions. Our role involved integrating ethical AI principles to develop an adaptive algorithm, setting new standards in inclusive auditory technology.

Global Networks & Partnerships for Ethical AI

Our partnerships with global entities like TÜV SÜD, WU-Vienna, and IEEE underscore our commitment to Ethical AI. These alliances empower our diverse teams to offer comprehensive solutions, addressing ethical, technical, legal, and operational challenges.


Our data professionals are meticulously trained and come with diverse backgrounds in Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, and AI Ethics. They hold certifications and have practical experience, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the demands of modern data projects.

As our team primarily comprises working mothers who also have family responsibilities, we prefer to work remotely to ensure efficient collaboration regardless of location. However, in exceptional cases where your project requires an on-site presence, we can accommodate this as well, depending on the location and specific requirements of the project.

Quality is our top priority. Throughout the ‘Try & Hire’ phase, we maintain rigorous standards and regular check-ins to ensure that our work aligns with your expectations and project requirements. Our team leaders closely monitor performance and provide ongoing support.

The primary goal of our ‘Try & Hire’ program is to provide flexibility and minimize risk for our clients. If, after the trial period, a professional from our team does not align with your requirements, we are open to discussing alternative solutions. This could include replacing the individual with another qualified team member. If a suitable replacement is not found or this option does not align with your needs, you are under no obligation to hire anyone from our team.

Supporting our professionals throughout their career journey is a key aspect of our mission. This includes assistance before, during, and after the hiring process. Once a professional from our program is hired by your organization, we ensure a seamless transition and integration into your team. Our commitment extends beyond the initial hiring phase, as we continue to provide ongoing training and updates on the latest advancements in data and AI. This approach helps your team stay updated and competitive in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

The ‘Try & Hire’ process is designed to be transparent and cost-effective. Any costs will be clearly outlined at the beginning of the project, with no hidden fees. The trial period itself is a part of our commitment to demonstrating our capabilities without upfront hiring commitments.

Our collaboration is founded on a mutual commitment to ethical practices. We expect our clients to engage with us transparently and fairly, maintaining open lines of communication regarding project requirements, timelines, and constructive feedback. We also anticipate that our clients will share our commitment to ethical standards in data handling and AI development. This approach ensures a respectful and effective working environment, facilitating successful project outcomes and fostering a positive impact in the tech industry.

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We believe in delivering personalized, high-quality service. Therefore, we limit our Starter Package intake to ensure each client gets the dedicated attention they deserve.

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Ethical Data Queens is a program provided by ETHOS AI Training & Consultancy GmbH and  is a gender-equality and  ethical AI technology driven organisation

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