Innovator Package
Lead the Future with Data & AI

Cement your organization's place at the forefront of the data revolution. Dive into groundbreaking data techniques, instill a culture of ingenuity, and roll out visionary strategies that will set you leagues ahead.

Why Opt for the Innovator Package?

In a world driven by data, stand out as a pioneer. The Innovator Package is designed for businesses aiming to break new ground, leveraging advanced data analytics and engineering to drive AI-enabled solutions. Ideal for those who seek to lead, not just adapt.

Data Mastery

Harness advanced analytics and engineering techniques to unlock new business potentials.

AI Integration

Seamlessly blend AI capabilities with your data strategies for superior insights and efficiency.

Innovation Culture

Embed a data-first mindset across your organization, driving continuous innovation and informed decision-making.

Here’s What You Get in 12 Weeks

Strategic Data & AI Planning:
  • Workshops to align your business vision with data and AI opportunities.
  • Developing a strategic plan focusing on key areas for data and AI integration.
Advanced Data Analytics Exploration:
  • Deep-dive into sophisticated analytics methodologies including predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Application of these methods in practical business scenarios.
Data Engineering Enhancement:
  • Upgrading data architecture to support advanced analytics and AI.
  • Implementing robust data pipelines and storage solutions for scalable AI applications.
AI Application and Tool Integration:
  • Identifying and integrating AI tools that complement your enhanced data infrastructure.
  • Initiating a pilot AI project to demonstrate practical application.
Organizational Training and Enablement:
  • Training session tailored to various teams to embrace data-driven practices.
  • Empowering teams with the knowledge to leverage AI tools effectively.
AI-Driven Business Strategy Development:
  • Crafting a long-term, AI-driven business strategy.
  • Establishing a roadmap for continuous innovation and growth with AI.
Who's This For?

» Enterprises aiming to redefine their sector with avant-garde data strategies.
» Forward-Thinking Firms keen on staying two steps ahead of the competition.
» Organizations with the vision and determination to be the trendsetters of tomorrow.

Innovate with Confidence

» A well-established data foundation and progressive data practices in place.
» Full-fledged engagement of top-tier leadership, tech squads, and business brigades.
» A burning desire to innovate, elevate, and dominate.


€ 60.000 (excluding VAT for 3 Months)

Carve Out Your Niche !

Slots for our Innovator Package are capped. We pledge intense commitment and resources to ensure each Innovator client is poised to set the benchmark.

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