Empower Women through Training Sponsorship at
Ethical Data Queens

Unlocking Potential with Skill Development and Career Growth

At Ethical Data Queens, we are dedicated to empowering women in the data industry not only through job opportunities but also through professional development and skill enhancement. As an employer, you have the unique chance to offer sponsorship for women to receive specialized training and unlock their full potential in the dynamic world of big data.

Why Offer Training Sponsorship through Ethical Data Queens?

By providing sponsorship for training, you can play a pivotal role in nurturing female talent and fostering a more diverse and skilled data workforce:

1. Investing in Talent Development

Training sponsorship is a powerful way to invest in the growth and development of aspiring female data professionals, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in their careers.

2. Tailored Skill Enhancement

Through our platform, you can offer specialized training programs that align with your organization’s needs and the data industry’s evolving demands.

3. Attracting Top Talent

Sponsoring training opportunities positions your organization as a supporter of women’s professional growth, attracting top talent to your company.

4. Building a Strong Talent Pipeline

By supporting training initiatives, you contribute to building a robust talent pipeline of skilled data professionals who can bring innovation to your organization.

5. Empowering Career Growth

Training sponsorship empowers women to embrace new challenges, advance in their careers, and take on leadership roles within your organization.

6. Enhancing Employee Loyalty

Sponsoring training programs showcases your commitment to your employees’ growth, fostering a sense of loyalty and dedication to your organization.

7. Shaping Future Industry Leaders

Through training sponsorship, you help shape the future leaders of the data industry, creating a positive impact on the overall data ecosystem.

How to Offer Training Sponsorship:

Offering training sponsorship to aspiring female data professionals through Ethical Data Queens is a simple and rewarding process:

Discuss Your Sponsorship Goals

Share your vision for training sponsorship with our team, and we’ll work together to tailor a program that aligns with your objectives.

Identify Training Opportunities

Identify training programs or certifications that will benefit your organization and the sponsored individuals.

Select Recipients for Sponsorship

Collaborate with us to identify deserving individuals who would benefit from the training sponsorship.

Empower Talent through Training

Support the selected individuals on their training journey, enabling them to grow and thrive in their data careers.

By offering training sponsorship through Big Data Queens, you contribute to the professional growth of women in the data industry. Empower aspiring female data professionals to reach new heights in their careers and create a more inclusive and skilled data workforce.


Ethical Data Queens is a program provided by ETHOS AI Training & Consultancy GmbH and  is a gender-equality and  ethical AI technology driven organisation

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