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Ethical Data Queens - Code of Ethics


At Ethical Data Queens, we envision a world where artificial intelligence is both ethical and accessible to everyone. We strive to be a beacon in this journey, ensuring that AI not only brings advancements but also respects, understands, and benefits every individual in our diverse global community.

1. Preamble

In alignment with our vision of making AI ethical and accessible to all, we believe in harnessing the power of data responsibly. As advocates for ethical and transparent practices, our Code of Ethics serves as a guide for our conduct, decisions, and operations.

2. Integrity
  • 2.1. We promise to handle all data with the utmost honesty and transparency, ensuring its authenticity and accuracy.
  • 2.2. Our recommendations and decisions will be unbiased, free from external influence, and based on factual data.
3. Respect for Privacy
  • 3.1. We commit to the stringent protection of personal and sensitive information.
  • 3.2. All data processed will adhere to global data protection regulations and standards.
  • 3.3. We will actively promote the anonymization and encryption of data to safeguard individuals’ identities.
4. Continuous Learning
  • 4.1. We pledge to stay updated with the latest developments in the data science industry.
  • 4.2. Our team will undergo regular training to ensure the highest level of proficiency and ethics in their work.
5. Inclusivity
  • 5.1. Ethical Data Queens values diversity and inclusivity. We seek to foster a community where everyone feels welcome, irrespective of their background, race, gender, or beliefs.
  • 5.2. Our projects and collaborations will actively promote diversity in both data representation and the teams working on them.
6. Transparency
  • 6.1. We believe in clear and open communication with our stakeholders.
  • 6.2. All methodologies, processes, and tools used will be transparent to our clients and the public, ensuring there are no “black boxes” in our procedures.
7. Responsibility
  • 7.1. We acknowledge the power and impact of our work. As such, we will take full responsibility for our actions, ensuring they align with ethical and moral standards.
  • 7.2. In instances of uncertainty, we will err on the side of caution and seek external counsel or peer review.
8. Commitment to Society
  • 8.1. Ethical Data Queens endeavors to ensure that our work brings value not only to businesses but also to society at large.
  • 8.2. We will champion projects and initiatives that have a positive societal impact, emphasizing sustainable and equitable growth.
9. Reporting and Whistleblowing
  • 9.1. We encourage an open culture where team members can raise concerns without fear of retaliation.
  • 9.2. Any breach of this Code of Ethics should be reported immediately, ensuring the continual integrity of our operations.
10. Review and Updates
  • 10.1. This Code of Ethics is a living document and will undergo periodic reviews to stay relevant and effective.
  • 10.2. Feedback on our Code is welcome, as it aids in refining and enhancing our ethical standards.

We, at Ethical Data Queens, pledge to uphold this Code of Ethics in every aspect of our work, ensuring a future where data empowers all, ethically and responsibly.


Ethical Data Queens is a program provided by ETHOS AI Training & Consultancy GmbH and  is a gender-equality and  ethical AI technology driven organisation

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