AI 101 for ALL-After work Program

AI 101 for ALL-After Work Program

The best way to learn AI Skills:
Join in a Digital Learning Circle for AI Mastery.
Designed for Busy Professionals.

Who Can Join This Program?

  • This program is open to everyone– individuals of any gender and background, age.
  • No technical background is necessary.
  • Prerequisites: a common sense and logical reasoning capacity and a computer with internet access
Join us if you are
  • feeling stuck at your current position?
  • Anxious about job loss to AI?
  • Considering a career change?
  • Looking to understand AI & Data Fundamentals for your current or future career?
  • Searching for a learning-circle?
  • Seeking for a fast-track learning with 1-2-1 personalized mentoring support?

Welcome to AI 101 for All-After Work,
Where Your Journey into the Future of Technology Begins.


Land Your Dream Tech Job at Top Companies and Earn €60K, €70K, €90K, or Even Up to €150K!


» No previous experience in tech
» No computer science degree required


How it Works: Digital Learning Circles

Guidance from Experienced Instructors Every Step of The Way
Innovative Learning Approach

AI 101 After Work introduces Digital Learning Circles, a unique and interactive way to learn AI. These small groups (5-8 learners) foster a focused and collaborative learning environment.

Expert Mentorship

Each Class is guided by a Class Mentor, providing personalized mentoring and support. These experts help you navigate the complexities of AI, tailoring the learning to your needs.

Onboarding and Personalized Learning Plans

Begin with an onboarding session to meet your mentor and receive a customized learning plan. This plan outlines key resources and study areas, preparing you for the live sessions.

Interactive Live Sessions Supported by e-learning resources

The live classroom sessions are your platform to clarify doubts, deepen your understanding, and engage with peers. This interactive format ensures practical application of your learning.

AI Learning

Your Learning Roadmap to Become a Data Analyst / Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer


(estimated learning time: 1 to 3 months)


(estimated completion time: 2 to 4 months)


(estimated preparation and search time: 1 to 3 months)

What Skills can You Learn

AI 101 skills are essential for a wide range of AI-related careers. Whether you aspire to be a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, NLP Engineer, AI Advisor, AI Ethicist, AI Consultant, AI Auditor, AI Product Manager, AI Project Manager, or AI Developer, GPT App Developer, GPT Business Owner, a foundational understanding of AI is crucial.


Introduction to AI and Data World

Kickstart your AI journey with our complimentary Orientation Class.

This course lays the foundation, offering an insightful introduction to AI and Data Science. Perfect for beginners, it demystifies AI and basic data analysis, setting the stage for further exploration in these groundbreaking fields.


Dive into the essential building blocks of artificial intelligence with our Mathematics & Statistics for AI course.

Gain a solid understanding of the mathematical and statistical principles that underpin AI algorithms and models. Explore topics such as linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistical analysis, all tailored to the specific requirements of AI applications. Equip yourself with the mathematical prowess needed to excel in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence and data science.


Embark on your programming journey with our Python Fundamentals course.

Explore the versatile Python programming language, known for its simplicity and wide-ranging applications. Learn the foundational concepts, syntax, and best practices that form the basis of Python. Develop practical coding skills and gain the confidence to write and execute Python code. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to solidify your Python knowledge, this course provides a solid foundation for programming success.


Unlock the world of data insights and analytics with our Data Analytics with Python course.

Dive into the Python programming language, a powerful tool for data manipulation and analysis. Learn how to collect, clean, and visualize data effectively, and discover the art of deriving meaningful insights from datasets. With hands-on projects and real-world applications, this course equips you with the skills to excel in the field of data analytics and make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Embark on a journey into the exciting realm of Machine Learning with our comprehensive course.

From understanding the fundamentals to harnessing the power of predictive algorithms, you’ll explore the intricacies of training models, analyzing data, and making data-driven decisions. Gain practical, hands-on experience in this transformative field and empower yourself to leverage the potential of machine learning in various applications, from business analytics to artificial intelligence.


Delve into the heart of data management technology with our Data Warehousing and SQL Course.

Explore the world of data warehousing, where you’ll learn to collect, store, and manage vast amounts of data efficiently. Master SQL, the language of databases, and gain hands-on experience in designing, querying, and optimizing databases. Equip yourself with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of data management and analysis.


Dive deep into the core of cutting-edge technology with our Advanced AI Skills Course.

Explore the intricate realms of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and unravel the complexities of Large Language Models (LLMs) and advanced neural networks. Gain invaluable, hands-on experience in these key AI domains, equipping you with the expertise to stand out in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence.


Elevate your career with our Project Portfolio Coaching service.

Receive personalized guidance and expert mentorship to build a standout project portfolio. Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist, AI engineer, or developer, our coaches will help you curate and present your projects effectively. Learn how to showcase your skills, achievements, and real-world impact, making your portfolio a powerful tool for career advancement. Invest in your professional growth and gain a competitive edge in the job market with our tailored project portfolio coaching.


Navigate the ethical complexities of artificial intelligence with our AI Ethics and Data Governance course.

Delve into the ethical considerations surrounding AI development, deployment, and impact on society. Explore data governance principles and practices to ensure responsible data management. Learn to address bias, fairness, transparency, and privacy in AI systems. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to promote ethical AI practices and responsible data handling in today’s technology-driven world.

AI Career Development Consulting & Coaching Sessions:

Our specialized career coaches and consultants will support you to review your project portfolio,  redefine your professional brand, develop & review your application papers, etc.

Skill Assessment & Mock Interview Sessions:
Boost your AI proficiency with our monthly Skill Assessment sessions, conducted by industry experts in a supportive environment. Additionally, take advantage of our Mock Interview Sessions to sharpen your interview skills, receive constructive feedback, and build confidence for your next career move in AI and Data Science.
Job Search Support:
Our AI 101 After Work program enriches your career journey with targeted job search coaching. We guide you through the AI and Data Science employment landscape, offering expert advice for effective career progression. 
Additionally, showcasing your portfolio on our Ethical Data Queens Platform provides a unique opportunity to highlight your skills to potential employers.

What will You Get From Monthly Membership

1-2-1 Mentoring Sessions

Benefit from personalized sessions every month to address your learning challenges and steer your progress

Language support: Depending on the availability of our teaching mentors, you can have check-ins with mentors who speak German, Spanish, or French.

Knowledge Delivery and Group Mentoring Sessions

Participate in any of the live sessions with subject matter experts & mentors to master new skills, enhance your existing abilities, work on real-world projects, or develop your personal AI projects.

Peer Mentoring Sessions

Join your digital learning circle sessions to collaboratively learn alongside your peers. If needed, we can provide an expert mentor on demand.

In-Lesson Feedback

Receive unlimited, direct feedback on your work during lessons to enhance your learning.

Email support

Have any query answered with our unlimited email support.

Access to our global Community

Unlimited entry to our vibrant Discord community, where learning meets networking and employment resources.

In addition to the AI 101 After Work Program, we are actively engaged in projects related to Ethical AI Standards, in collaboration with international organizations such as IEEE, TÜV SÜD, and Fraunhofer. You also have the opportunity to access our networks and cooperate with our partners.

Project Portfolio Coaching

Enhance your career journey with your project portfolio, learning from the industry experts, your project portfolio, preparation of application documents, linkedin profile, and job search coaching, all designed to boost your professional growth.

In addition to the AI 101 After Work Program, we are actively engaged in projects related to Ethical AI Standards, in collaboration with international organizations such as IEEE, TÜV SÜD, and Fraunhofer. You also have the opportunity to access our networks and cooperate with our partners.

Internship Opportunities

You will gain access to client projects as well as projects from our cooperation partners for your internship.

Datacamp Access

You will receive free access to DataCamp, our e-learning partner, for an entire year.

Our Deep-Tech Mentors​

Sarah Haq
Head of Bootcamp Instructor,
Machine Learning Engineering Expert

Sarah Haq is a Computer Science and Creative Computing Lecturer at Leuphana University
– Sarah has over ten years of experience working with data and building machine-learning models for various startups, from underwear companies to unicorns.

She was previously a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at the world’s largest online art marketplace, Artsy, where she shaped the personalisation strategy and built a recommendation engine to connect collectors with artworks they truly loved.
– Sarah completed her studies in Mathematics and Economics at the London School of Economics.

Omer Shahzad
Mentor for ML Engineering & Software Development

Passionate Full-Time Software Developer with a 4-year track record in Java Springboot and Python Django.

Experienced in delivering high-quality software solutions, I bring expertise in MySQL, SwaggerAPI, and OpenAPI. Proven mentor in Python and Java, excited to share insights. Specialized in Machine Learning with Python (Keras, TensorFlow, Numpy, Pandas, OpenCV). Let’s connect and explore the limitless possibilities in coding!

Chris Kollias
Data Science & Programming-Mentor

Chris is an Electrical Engineer who specializes in Programming and Data Science. He has been teaching Python, SQL and Data Analysis to undergraduate students of prestigious institutions, as well as contribute to various start up companies as an advisor.

Ever since he was a kid, Chris has been teaching about something. That kind of passion and love for teaching is what he brings to the table, alongside his 4 year experience of being a professional Computer Science teacher. After becoming an Electrical Engineer, Chris explored the global market and has now worked with clients from over 30 different countries. He has also worked for organizations in the E-sports field as a Data Analyst.

Salma Aziz
Instructor & Mentor,
Machine Learning Expert

Drawing from her international journey and data science expertise, Salma dedicates herself to mentoring and teaching, blending practical experience with academic wisdom to inspire future data enthusiasts.

Salma embarked on her academic path with a strong base in Mathematics and Physics, which led to an Engineer Diploma in Statistics and Applied Economics. She then earned a Master’s in Data Science. Alongside her core studies, Salma also undertook an innovative Student-Entrepreneur program. She holds a fervent belief: in the vast world of data, every pattern tells a story, and every analysis reveals a new insight. Salma’s goal extends beyond mere instruction; she aims to spark a quest among learners to decode these stories, driving them toward impactful decisions.

Shailvi Maheshwari
Data Visualisation Expert

With over 4 years of extensive experience in Data Analytics, Shailvi is a seasoned professional. She is proficient in Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Google Data Analytics and has a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

Known for her passion for teaching, Shailvi has been guiding students at WAIA for the past year. She firmly believes that practical application is the key to effective learning and thus focuses on hands-on experience rather than a theoretical approach.

Approachable and dedicated, Shailvi actively encourages students to ask challenging questions, promising to assist them every step of the way. Her commitment to clarifying doubts and queries ensures that students are constantly supported throughout their learning journey.

In her classes, you can expect to gain a strong understanding of fundamental concepts and master the art of creating interactive portfolio reports across various domains.

Erum Afzal
Consultant & Mentor,
Artificial Intelligence Expert

Erum is a Ph.D. scholar specializing in AI tools for teacher training at Justus Liebig University, Germany, with a strong background in Information and Computational Technology.

Beyond academia, she is a mentor and speaker, passionate about educating in AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Her collaborations with esteemed organizations like Women AI Academy, ETHOS AI, Women Who Code, Omdena, and Neuro Match Academy showcase her commitment to knowledge sharing. Erum’s academic pursuits and industry engagement make her a valuable asset, driving innovation in AI and Data Science..

Zubia Khan
Instructor & Mentor,
Data Analytics Expert

Zubia Khan is working as a Data Scientist for multiple business clients.  She is teaching UK students at the undergraduate level.

She has more than 4 years of experience working with large volumes of data to perform exploratory data analysis, feature selection, feature extraction, predictive analytics, and model deployment for healthcare and training organisations. She has experience working as a lecturer at the world’s best university, Anglia Ruskin University, where she taught undergraduate students Computer Science, specifically cipher challenges in various programming languages. She has completed Computer Science training at the University of Cambridge with the  founder of the Raspberry Pi, Alan Mycroft. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the world’s top 100 university, the University of York.

Our AI-Career Coaches

Julia Barden
Julia Barden
Career Coach

Julia Barden is a German psychologist who worked in the HR department of well-known companies such as Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn.

As a career coach she assists in all areas of the application process, especially in the creation and optimization of documents like CV and cover letter, preparation for job interviews or assessment center and coaching for the successful conduct of salary negotiations. Besides coaching 1:1 and in group settings she also offers books and Udemy courses on the topic of job application and career coaching. As she has studies in the US and Brazil she is fluent in English and Portuguese, as well as her mother language German.

Sarah Mestiri
Career Coach

Sarah is a Data Scientist and a Certified Career & Interview Coach. She has 6 years+ experience in Tech, working at international companies, financial companies (FIS), and startups.

Sarah’s experience of going through a career transition and her natural drive to support other women in following their professional dreams inspired her to become a certified career coach. She is on a mission to support more women find the right job for them and achieve their full potential. As a career coach, She has been supporting women getting back to work after a career break and women in transition to the data field.

Marina Burton
Career Coach

A specialist in career transition coaching, Marina is passionate about helping individuals from all professional backgrounds unlock their potential, realise their career aspirations and ultimately find their ‘why’ in life.

Marina works with mid-career professionals to help them find fulfilling, meaningful work. She brings a wealth of experience managing operations for small businesses and tech start-ups and combines it with her coaching expertise. She is proud to be partnering with the Women AI Academy to support women transition into tech careers, regardless of their background.

Our AI-Career Coaches

Our daily schedule is flexible and adapts to participants’ learning needs. No need to wait for the next program; jumpstart your AI 101 skills now

18:00-21:00 CET

Knowledge Delivery or Group Mentoring Sessions

(Monday, Wednesday)

Peer Mentoring (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

1-2-1 Mentoring Sessions (will be scheduled by the Mentor)

09:00-12:00 CET

13:00-21:00 CET

Knowledge Delivery or Group Mentoring Sessions (09:00-12:00 CET)

Peer Mentoring Sessions (13:00-21:00 CET)

Now is the Perfect Time to Begin Your Journey with AI.

— Seize the chance to be among the early experts in AI technology.
— Develop skills in designing, developing, deploying, maintaining, consulting, and auditing AI solutions.
— Remember, opting out isn’t a choice. We are all inevitably shaped by AI technology, whether as participants or observers.

Community Membership

00 for a month
  • Tailored Learning Program with initial assessment.
  • Live Peer Mentoring (unlimited)
  • Discord community access
  • Email support
  • Exclusive Resources from ETHOS AI and Women AI Academy
  • AI Expert Talks & networking events
  • Internship Opportunities with industry partners (remote work)
  • Monthly Workshop for Project Portfolio Development

Advantage Membership

00 for a month
  • Tailored Learning Program with initial assessment.
  • Live Peer Mentoring (unlimited)
  • Discord community access
  • Email support
  • Exclusive Resources from ETHOS AI and Women AI Academy
  • AI Expert Talks & networking events
  • Internship Opportunities with industry partners (remote work)
  • Monthly Workshop for Project Portfolio Development
  • Expert-led mentoring (24 monthly sessions)

Insight Membership

00 for a month
  • Tailored Learning Program with initial assessment.
  • Live Peer Mentoring (unlimited)
  • Discord community access
  • Email support
  • Exclusive Resources from ETHOS AI and Women AI Academy
  • AI Expert Talks & networking events
  • Internship Opportunities with industry partners (remote work)
  • Monthly Workshop for Project Portfolio Development
  • Expert-led mentoring (24 monthly sessions)
  • Virtual-instructor led teaching class (24 monthly sessions)
  • Yearly Datacamp Access for additional learning.
  • Personal 1-2-1 Mentoring (4 monthly sessions).
  • Job Board Access for direct employer inquiries.

What our learners say about AI 101 for ALL-After Work Program

Dorothy Kunth

I’ve been out of the workforce since 2017 due to relocation and starting a family. When my daughter started kindergarten, I searched for ways to upskill/reskill without having to travel.

WAIA understands the challenges faced by women who have time limitations due to family obligations. While my previous experience was limited to small-scale and financial data analysis, I see immense opportunities in the growing digital business landscape and vast volume of data being processed every day.

The program provides clear direction and, at week 15 of the 24-week bootcamp, I have gained confidence and knowledge. The teachers focus on both theory and practical applications, fostering active participation. This will be valuable as I prepare for interviews.

Faith Murahwa

I attended the bootcamp to overcome challenges in my career transition. With theoretical knowledge but lacking practical experience and detailed expertise, I sought a hands-on learning environment that would involve working with real-world data. The bootcamp delivered exactly that!

I highly recommend it for the valuable hands-on training, mentorship, and career coaching sessions it provided. I acquired essential skills in SQL, Python, and Power BI, which have propelled my progress in this field.

The bootcamp also facilitated networking opportunities, leading to collaborations with Omdena and the development of a strong portfolio. The career mentors not only helped rebrand me but also offered crucial guidance in shaping my career trajectory.

Liz Chee

A great program with internship opportunities attached to complement my knowledge and work in the health informatics area.

The collaborative and helpful community alongside the experts in the course to support and encourage each other to learn on amidst the challenges encountered were real value adds.

Natalia Panagiotidou

After a career break due to relocating to Germany, having a second child, and experiencing the pandemic, I saw the Bootcamp as an opportunity to update my technical skills.

Through the WAIA bootcamp, I learned new software tools and technologies, enhancing my technical abilities and adaptability to new concepts.
Sharing the experience with other participants who also faced job breaks in Germany was instrumental in overcoming any feelings of guilt and provided the motivation to move forward.

Emotionally, I feel more confident and capable of managing family responsibilities, while practically, I have improved my technical skills and kept up with the demanding Bootcamp sessions. Despite occasional errors and incomplete tasks due to time constraints, I am satisfied with my progress and growth throughout the Bootcamp.

FAQs – AI 101 for All- After Work

What is the duration of the AI 101 After Work Program?

The program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your pace. Depending on your starting level and commitment, you can expect to complete it within 12 months or less while managing your current job. You have the flexibility to accelerate your learning or adopt a more relaxed schedule.

Do I need a technical background to join the program?

No, a technical background is not necessary. This program is open to individuals of any gender, background, and age. We believe in the power of common sense and logical reasoning capacity. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate learners from diverse backgrounds, whether you have prior technical experience or not.

What are the daily mentoring sessions, and are they mandatory?

Daily mentoring sessions are an essential part of our program, providing an opportunity to learn, practice, and receive guidance. While they are highly recommended to enhance your skills, attendance is not mandatory. You have the flexibility to choose your level of engagement. However, we encourage active participation to maximize your learning experience.

Will the mentoring sessions or any program content be recorded for later viewing?

No, we do not record our mentoring sessions or program content for later viewing. Our approach is based on real-time interaction and collaboration within the learning community. We believe in the value of live engagement to ensure a dynamic and personalized learning experience. This policy also helps maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our participants.

What is the program's cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is outlined in detail in the Terms and Conditions section available on our website. We recommend that you review the terms and conditions for a comprehensive understanding of our policies regarding cancellations, refunds, and any related matters. If you have specific questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

How can I enroll in the AI 101 After Work Program?

Enrolling is easy! Simply visit our website and follow the enrollment process. If you have additional questions or need more information, you can also book a free clarification call with our team. We’re here to assist you every step of the way on your journey to mastering AI and data skills.

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